Landscape Experiments

The majority of the images that I have taken for this project can be classed as landscape pictures. I started to think more about how the actual landscape and place itself wasn’t the main thing, but the sky and the clouds were. I wanted a way and style to emphasise this. Thinking back to Uta Barths work and how a lot of her images are purposely blurred I wondered if this would work within my work. I started to experiment with the pictures I already have and making them blurred. This worked better one some images than others, after looking at these I am not sure if these are very strong and they may even work better how they originally were. Looking back at Barth’s images I realised that there is either something more in focus at the front (so she is just playing with depth of field) or something colourful that stands out in the foreground of the image, even though it is still blurred, it is something to draw your attention to. I think to make these images work I need to go back to these places and reshoot with this in mind, experiment with depth of field, maybe the whole image doesn’t have to be blurred. Experiment with different amounts of the image being burred and see which works best. As well as this I need to think about where I am taking the picture from. Where is the audiences eye going to be drawn, this may not always be the same place but it is definitely something to consider. I don’t think these turned out as strong as I wanted them to as there is not really a main focal point within these images, it almost looks like they haven’t finished loading or it was an accident that they are so blurred. I want the style to look like it was planned and it is like it for a reason, not just that I cant figure out how to focus my camera. With this in mind I plan to reshoot and hopefully have a more successful outcome.

Here are the images I have originally experimented with, I am really not sure about these and don’t think they are strong enough to include in my final piece.