Giles Bensimon

Giles Bensimon’s work does’t really link directly to my project but there are certainly some aspects that I can gain inspiration from for shoots for my project. These images are all from the same series, where Benison has photographed flowers underwater, this is an abstract shoot, after looking at the images for a while you are able to gather what they are, however when first seen you may be unsure. This is something that I want to pursue within my book, but instead of things from the place, I want to experiment more with doing this on a larger scale, with some of the landscapes that I am visiting. I am planning on doing this by returning to some of my landscapes and using the manual focus, I’m hoping that this will work, as obviously on a scale this much larger it isn’t possible to submerge my subject underwater. I could do this with my still life images, and the things that I have collected from the places I have been, however I don’t think this would work as well. I want the still life images to be able to link the audience back to where I originally took the pictures, I think they would be too abstract if I took them in a similar style to this as it would be much harder to tell where the items had come from and therefore not linking back to the place. However by experimenting with this style on the location itself it should not only blur the image, but blur the importance of the place as well. I think these will still be recognisable, mainly by the colours present in the images, which is what I think makes Giles Bensimon’s work most interesting, and also the reason you are able to understand what the image is.