Still Life Images

For this project we have to do a set of images for landscapes, portraits, still life and interiors. It was fairly easy to think of things to do for portraits and landscapes however I struggled a bit with the latter two. After researching into the photographer Jerry Takigawa this inspired me for my still life shoot. I didn’t want to do the stereotypical shoot for this, as personally I find this a bit boring and I don’t really think this would of fit into my project. I wanted to do something interesting and something I liked, I wanted this to potentially be something I could use in y book and for my final piece. I really like how these images have turned out and I definitely feel like they could be used as a final piece. They achieved linking the location to the image, something that I have been looking to do for a while but was unsure how to all in one picture. By laying objects on top of the image from the places I have been I was able to not only represent the place I was at but the clouds and the sky, as they are the main feature of my piece. I was worried that this would cause too much distraction from the actual images itself however I don’t think it does. I thought a fair bit about where to lay the items so to avoid this. I tried this with both black and white and colour images under the object. I am unsure which works best at the moment, I think both have advantages. If I do decide to use this i my final piece I will have to decide on one or the other and potentially reshoot to achieve the best possible images. Some of these images work a lot better than others, but this is expected with most things I do. When I first started this project I never thought that I would be using still life in the project and have been pleasantly surprised with how hey have turned out.  Here are the pictures that I have taken so far.