Interior Images

I was struggling what to do to relate my project to an interior shoot. I could of just had a bit of a play around and took some good quality photos for this, however I really wanted to link this to my project. I saw some of Uta Barth’s work (see in a previous blog post), and thought this was perfect and much more interesting and relatable to use within my project. I found the link of light really interesting, as this could be directly linked to the clouds and the sky that I had been concentrating on within my project. I think this has worked really well and is definitely more interesting to me than I ever thought any of these would be. I’m not sure if these images are strong enough to include within my final book, however I am glad that I am experimented with these. I also have had a look at the shadows that things have created outside on the pavement, this isn’t classed as and interior image however it is kind of the opposite to what I originally was trying to do. The images below are what I have experimented with: