Paul Graham- Ceasefire

Paul Grahams work is similar to what I am photographing in the subject, the sky, mainly the clouds. It differs in its purpose. Of course there is nothing unique or different in photographing the sky many photographers and amateurs have done it in the past, its the meaning behind it which makes them different and stand out. Grahams work locates the skies that he has taken the images in, such as Belfast, Newry and Derry, he also gives us the information that they were all taken during the ceasefire in 1944, this dramatically changes how we see these images. Of course, there is no proof of hints of this fact being true it is just something that we believe, why would he lie? Without the text an information given these are just images of the clouds, with this added it turns into something much more, and given a more metaphorical meaning, this reflects the political state Ireland were in at the time, directly showing the uncertain state they were in. Although these images have a very different meaning to what I want mine to represent, it is good to see what other photographers have done when depicting the sky, my work may be very similar in some sense but in others totally different. After looking at these images I’m not as worried or reluctant to get out there and shoot in different weather conditions. See some images from this series below:

Ceasefire was shot very differently to a previous series he took in Ireland: Troubled Land, this series showed the land in division, yet the colours within the images were promising. The images simply showing a sign of conflicting identities. See below these images: