Alfred Stieglitz- Equivalents

I believe that Stieglitz’s work is more relatable to mine that Graham’s. This is due to the fact that it was done as an examination of states of mind- an abstract shoot in a sense. He wanted to take pictures of something that was not special to him, but was in everyones life, whether they thought they were special or not. Bring the beauty out in something that was not only almost always there, but free as well! Reading this surprised me, not because of the fact itself but because my viewpoint is very similar to this. Within my photography I want to make people think more about what they see and appreciate it. Alfred Stieglitz was described by Waldo Frank to have a power of hypnotism I had over his sitters, and this to be why he was successful, this is something that I wish to have, to have an effect of the people seeing my work. Below are some of the images from this series: