Having taken a lot of landscape images I am starting to think more about the portraits that I could include within my project. Having to experiment with portraits as part of the module I have thought about this from the start however my opinion on how to include them is changing. Originally I was thinking to put a twist on portraits and not actually take a picture of the person but just elements of them, for example where they had been laying, their footprints, or maybe an item of clothing they had taken off such as shoes or a jacket. I have briefly experimented with this, however I’m not sure whether this is the best way to use portraits for my project, I will however continue to experiment with this idea as the weeks go on. I still think that the portrait shouldn’t be clear, and not an obvious identity. My project isn’t as much about the person but what they are doing/ looking at. However the person will play an important part in the book/ narrative. So I started to think of ways that I could distort the portraits I took. Here are a few examples of things that I want to try:

I have used the studio before, but not much, I hope in this project I will become more confident with using the studio and am able to produce some interesting portraits to a high standard, hopefully being able to recreate some similar images to these.

I have also been thinking about how I could take some more interesting landscapes within my project. Although these laying a more important role than the portraits, the sky is still the main aspect, so the landscape and place itself taking a bit of a back seat. I am experimenting with different styles like photographers such as Jerry Takigawa and Uta Barth. I also plan to experiment with styles similar to this: