So with my new found confidence that this project will work with just some more variations in the images I set off to a new location: Somerton. This is a small village a few minutes drive from my house, there is a lovely walk that I used to go on, down the river and through a country footpath. I decided to go on this and see what inspiration I had, I wanted to concentrate on not only the clouds but the journey I was going on: the walk. As well as this I looked for different things such as interesting light and other things that might reflect my project. Overall I this shoot went well, I feel like it has restored my faith in the project, it will work as well as I imagined to begin with I just need to keep out of that hole I feel that I dug myself at the beginning. We are still only really starting out with this project, I have so long for experimentation which will enable me to keep things interesting. The final piece may have to be a book but this doesn’t mean it needs to include hundreds of images, quite the opposite, I am thinking of having 17 images or 17 pages, to link in with the format of a haiku, where my inspiration has come from, this will keep the book quite short but hopefully interesting. Here are some of the images that I have edited from this shoot:

Below are the contact sheets from this shoot:

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