Project Reflection

After looking back on the images that I already have I realised I was starting to get a little bit bored of this project already as the images were quite repetitive no matter where they were taken. However I do think I have some strong images and ones that certainly work towards my idea. I think to get some ore variation and keep me interested in the project I need to do some more research and start thinking more into things such as the narrative. I am going to experiment more with portraits and how I can include them, as well start thinking more about the journey to the place maybe, I think I just need some more images other than just the clouds. I am still waiting for the conditions to be right at night. This is slightly frustrating, especially as I am returning to Coventry tomorrow, where this might not work as well due to the extra light pollution because it is a city and not a little rural village like home. However I am still going to attempt a star trail. I think this would be really interesting, along with hopefully some other night photography. I am starting to think more about the locations and how I can add the stamp of each into the images, this will come mainly from the composition and what I decide to include in the image. Other things that I can consider are: light, storm chasers, weather monitoring, and just generally starting to explore my idea a little more. I feel like I may have narrowed it down too far at the start, but this was just to get some initial pictures, now I have these I want to broaden my thoughts a bit more and hopefully be able to produce a really interesting narrative.