The Beach

After doing my first shoot in the garden I started to think of some more locations that I could visit, being at home there was one very obvious one in mind that I wouldn’t get the chance to do whilst in Coventry: the beach. My project being very weather dependant I found it hard to get the right day to go, I went when it was very windy, this made it hard, especially as the tripod kept blowing over! However by sticking at it I was at least able to get an idea of some of the pictures that I can get. These images might not be the best but I plan to return to the beach and get some better ones when the weather is more how I want it to be. I have also gone back at different times of the day, sunset and even sunrise as well! This allowed me to capture the sky at different times of the day and document how it changes. While I was here I also concentrated a bit more on the place itself, I’m not sure if this will be part of my project or not at the moment. Here are some of the pictures that I took:

Below are the contact sheets from this shoot:

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