First Shoot

So having thought through my ideas and decided that my strangest one was the poem by Basho I decide the best way to get going, other than the obvious research that I have been doing, was to get out there and get shooting. To begin with I had to wait through the few days of grey skies, I may be concentrating on skies, but clouds are a big part of it, and not just one big cloud! Once these days past I was able to get out, just in my garden for now, and start thinking more about how to shoot these images. I experimented with taking pictures at different times of the day and with different techniques such as long exposure. I think these turned out quite well for a first attempt however I’m not sure if I can produce a whole project on this, I need to start getting out and going a bit further to different locations, I think this will give me some more interest with some different surroundings. I also had a quick play with some Uta Barth style images in my house. Here are the edits of some of the images:

Below are the contact sheets from this shoot:

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