Susan Derges

A lot of Susan Derges work is about nature, her images within different series are all very similar and taken with the same sort of style in mind. Most of her work concentrates on the reflections of things in water, mainly the sky and nature around it such as the trees. This links in so well into my project, although I hadn’t thought about using reflections, this would be another route to explore. The subject matter directly links into what I am looking into, by looking at these images I have got more of an idea on what sort of things to focus on and what I think does and doesn’t work. I always knew that I wanted to use the moon and night sky scene within my work, however I was unsure of how many aspects of this I would find interesting, by looking at Susan Derges work, I have been proved wrong, there are so many things you can do with the night sky and I am excited to look more into doing this. I really want to look into the different types of the day and what I can do with these to reflect on the poem that was part of my pack. Here are a few examples of Derges work from different series she has produced: