Jerry Takigawa

Jerry Takigawa’s series ‘False Food’ gave me a few ideas on how to experiment with different ways to present my images. During this project I plan to take pictures at many different locations, at each of these I will be taking images in different styles, including landscapes and portraits. I wanted a way to link them all together, other than the obvious of the place. I am going to experiment with collecting things from the places I visit and laying these on prints of the pictures I took, I will then retake these and see how they turn out. This idea is completely inspired by this series, however the objects Takigawa laid on his images was more related to an issue to do with the plastic that  he collected, this directly links to his project.

‘With False Food, I am exploring the illusion of separateness. We do not live in isolation from other beings—we are all connected physically through the environment and energetically through the quantum universe.’– Jerry Takigawa

Below are a few images from this series:

With the things that I collect from these places I might also experiment with photograms. I don’t know how I want to represent my final piece within my book yet so I am going to experiment with lots of different techniques in these first few weeks to see which works best.