Irving Penn

Irving Penn’s style of photography came to mine when I was thinking about the still life images that we have to shoot for this module. In the past I generally have stayed away from still life as I always picture the generic studio shoots, however this isn’t how it has to be. Penn’s work inspired me, not only his still life but portraits too, he manages to find a beauty, in a way that other people may not for example in the close up images of cigarette butts. Penn’s work is very simple and minimalistic, much like the style I am looking at for this project, something to match the haiku that I read from my pack.

‘Photography needs to be dramatised more than any other medium. The world is inundated with images that seem to blur grey in our minds. For a picture to strike memory, it has to have an unusual, unique inherent secret- a visual signature.’

Penn has certainly done this with his graphic images, there is aways something unique and unusual about them, whether it is the pose, the lighting or the subject matter, he is always able to create something new and bring some sort of excitement from his images. I intend to experiment with this style of photography throughout this project. Below are a few of Penn’s images.