3 Idea Pitch

After having a tutorial with Matt, I pitched 3 of my ideas to him and a small group, the ideas I decided to pitch were: the haikus, the B4009 road and the 4.33 by John cage inspired project. After having explained each one we decided that my strongest idea was the haiku, and mainly:

‘Clouds appear

and bring to men a chance to rest

from looking at the moon.’ – Matsuo Basho

This is because I have several different ways that I can experiment with this and can really explore the idea and on different routes too. It is also possible to include all the series, such as portraits, interiors, landscapes etc. and in a unexpected and unusual way. This will keep my project interesting and hopefully keep my audience interested throughout my research and my final piece too. I think this project had the most depth to it and most potential to be something people could relate to, I also think it is the project that I will enjoy shooting the most. This is definitely something that I take into account when choosing a project as I think this comes across in the final images. Although I think the project around 4.33 could also be strong at the moment it is lacking something, a certain interest that even I am struggle to find within it. I am also still going to experiment with the B4009 road, however I am almost certain this will be discarded after some initial shoots, although this can be explored, I’m really not too sure how far I can go with that project.