Road B4009

The first thing I did was put this road into google maps to see how far away it was, both from home and uni. Unfortunately it was hours away from both so I won’t be able to get there. Even if I could I wouldn’t easily be able to return as regularly as I would need to for a project so it wouldn’t work on that level. The second step I took was having a look at it on google maps, I took a few screen shots of these as you can see below:

I was thinking abut how I could make this into a project, although I know some photographers do an entire on Google street view this isn’t something that I want to do, at least not now. As I was looking through these images it reminded me very much of some roads and places at home in Norfolk. As we are off home for the Easter holidays at the weekend I plan on visiting these places and documenting what I find. These two could be linked together with a narrative or I could simply chose the place I use at home and add a narrative to that.

Alternatively I could pick any road, either in Coventry or at home and stick to that one road. I could either search for stories on this place or make a fictional story up about it. I think this could be an interesting thing to do, as I can visit t multiple times focusing on different things. The interior part of this project could be an interior of a car, something different and maybe not originally thought of when thinking of an interior series. I could visit this places at different times and in different weather conditions as well as photographing different things on the road, using different techniques and what I find there.

I am definitely going to do some experimentation with the idea of roads, I’m not too sure where it will take me yet but that is sometimes the best way, I just need to get out there and shooting!