SONY DSCAbove is a picture of the polaroid I got in my pack, this was taken by our tutor Matt, when I first got the pack I knew this reminded me of something however I couldn’t figure out what it was. As I was looking at it more I realised it was the work of a photographer: Uta Barth. I haven’t researched much into this photographer yet but just know some of her work, there are a few pictures below showing what I was thinking:

After thinking about this more I think it links well into my previous idea, of the Matsuo Basho haiku:

‘Clouds appear 

and bring to men a chance to rest

from looking at the moon.’ 

This could be an interesting way to experiment with the interior part of my my project, and how the light from outside is reflecting inside, in different ways depending on the weather and therefore different cloud formations. I think this would be different and unexpected, and could potentially be part of my final book. When we were first given the brief I was dreading having to take interior photos as these are normally quite straight forward and just as you see them everyday, however I think this is an interesting twist and something that I would enjoy experimenting with. I think it would be very hard to control the light in this situation without taking away from the natural light, this is a challenge I am will to take on.