Mix tape

As I have previously said when talking about the haiku in my pack, I am interested in creating a body of work as a response to a poem or piece of text. Song lyrics could be classed as both of these and could be a really interesting way to go about this. By knowing what the song sounds like, I could try to recreate the feeling for example, if its a happy song, try to get the people looking at the pictures feeling happy, alternatively I could go for something different and try to recreate how people feel when thinking of the song.

The songs that are on my mix tape are:

  1. O superman (for Massenet)- Laurie Anderson
  2. We’re here for a good time (not a long time)- The Besnard Lakes
  3. Nunc Dimittis for voice, trumpet and strings- Various artists
  4. Quiet- This will destroy you
  5. Cost of many colours- Dolly Parton
  6. 4.33- John Cage
  7. Chief- Patty Griffin
  8. The weary kind- Ryan Bingham
  9. Iron Sky- Paolo Nutini
  10. When its cold I’d like to die- Moby
  11. That summer, at home I had become the invisible boy- The twilight sad
  12. This woman’s work- Kate Bush

I had only heard of one or two of these songs, in my eyes this is good because I have no preconceptions or thoughts towards the majority of these songs and are starting with a completely blank page. Here are my initial thoughts after listening to the songs:

  • Look at lyrics to songs, see if anything stands out
  • Look at facts to songs- http://www.songfacts.com
  • If anything stands out, look at movement on song sounds- could be used in a sequence- where the images are place in book?

Not all of the songs were on songfacts, however by reading about the ones that were this was very helpful, I was able to get information on the songs that I couldn’t possibly of know before or just by listening to the lyrics, here is what i found:

  1. Addresses the issues of technology and communication
  2. Not found
  3. Not found
  4. Not found
  5. Autobiographical, she grew up in poverty, 4th of 12 children, her mother did make her a coat of many colours
  6. The performer sits at the piano intentionally making no sound, audience are then driven to appreciate the sounds around them, reflection of Zen Buddhism, 3 movements marked by the opening and closing of the piano lid, initial thoughts were was that it was a joke
  7. Not found
  8. Was written for the movie Crazy Heart, went on a road trip and started writing the song
  9. ‘Turn fears into freedom’, about politicians
  10. Not Found
  11. Title is the reference to the vocalists favourite film ‘Stand by me’
  12. Written for the movie She’s having a baby, from a mans point of view, a comedy film, a moving sequence of the man waiting in the waiting room- baby in breach position, the scene is exploring his sadness and guilt.

I do like the idea of doing a response to one of these songs, however they haven’t inspired me as much as the haiku’s did. however here are a few of my thoughts on the songs:

1.Very electronic- birds (natural sounds come in around 7 mins), comparisons between natural and technology- digital natives

5. ‘I know I have no money but i’m as rich as I can be’- what people think makes them rich

6. Look at things that people take for granted, make people appreciate what is around them in every day life and find the beauty in it, 3 movements could be marked by 3 sections within the book, could add a comical theme due to people thinking it was a joke

8. Could be inspired by a trip

9. Look at fears, what would the freedom of these fears be?

11. Response to favourite things, film etc.

I think the track that I am most interested in is 4.33 by John Cage. This surprised me as this is the only track with no sound at all, however after reading up on why it was made and the response it received I think this would make the most interesting body of work. Throughout this project I am going to continue to listen to these songs and look further into the lyrics and my opinions might change.