Inspiration Packs

So for this project each of us were given a pack filled with things that was thought to help us start this project/ inspire us to try something new. Each of these were different, below is a picture of what I got in my pack.SONY DSC

  • A set of notes to accompany the lecture series and themes of the project: the punctum of life, Nashville narratives, atomisation, the object… the book and the photobook. By having these I am able to read forward on what we will be discussing, this will enable to be prepared in the lectures and bring my own point of view.
  • A book: ‘A meal in winter’
  • Newspaper clipping
  • Magazine pages
  • A mixed tape
  • A polaroid
  • A poem
  • A library book
  • A QR code
  • A road name

All of these things are things that I haven’t necessarily researched into before, by researching into these I will increase my knowledge and branch off in different directions to what I normally would. I plan to read/ research everything in my pack to give me the best chance to have a strong project.