A Meal in Winter

As part of our packs we were given one of three books, the book that I was given was A Meal in Winter, 41ECHjzCl9L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_one of the first things that I did, after having a look at everything in my pack was to get reading this. By reading the information on the back of the book I was unsure as to weather this would give me any ideas for my project, however I wasn’t willing to just write it off straight away. As I was reading the book I made a few notes on the pages and underlined certain phrases that I thought were important. However as I expected I had little inspiration for my project from this, there were a few phrases that linked into my previous ideas, so this might come in handy. Here are the notes that I made:

  • Elegant
  • ‘The Jew’ ‘the pole’ if they are not main characters or of lower authority they aren’t named- disrespect
  • Thrown straight into the story- no explanation
  • Communication, they still understand the pole even though he speaks another language- body language
  • ‘A meagre light came through the frost covered window’ ‘he couldn’t see anything because of the frost’- links to Uta Barth and the polaroid in the pack
  • ‘He tried not to show us his distress’- hidden feelings
  • ‘In civilian life, he bought and sold fabric in bulk. It was difficult for us to imagine that, though, because for us he had always been some sort of commander’- past and different lives
  • ‘Entirely realistic’
  • ‘Keep it to yourself’- what do people keep to themselves and why?
  • Letters/archives- ways of communication
  • Belief- digital truths
  • Despite the tiredness they showed, they still shone with light’- finding beauty in something that other people may not
  • ‘Blood flowed back into the veins’- think of shapes: rivers, trees etc.
  • Their ‘own little world’
  • ‘The smell of it was in our nostrils, the sound of it in our ears. It gave us light too’- senses
  • ‘The house had changed. Was it the storeroom that had entered our space, here around the bench? Or was it the other way around? Either way it felt very different now.’- Small changes can make a big difference
  • ‘We won’t forget anything’- memories that people never forget good/bad
  • ‘Our shadows danced’-shadows/highlights- shapes
  • ‘Embroidered snowflake’- motif, family, reality, symbol

I am trying to borrow the other books off some of my class mates when they have finished reading them, I’m hoping that these will be more relevant to the sort of thing that I want to do.