152MC Brief

This modules brief is really open, this is either something to love or hate! personally I normally hate these while try to come up with ideas but after the initially shock I am all for them. I think this is a really great way to prepare us for the future when we will be creating our own briefs all the time. The only things that we have to do within this module is to have hand-made a photobook as our final piece and for it to include a narrative of some kind. This however is still open to our interpretation, there are so many types and styles of photobooks that we can experiment with and the narrative can be fictional or true, essentially anything. As well as this within this module we have to: produce a series of still life images, produce a portrait or set of portraits, produce a landscape or set of landscapes and produce an interior or series of interior images. These however don’t need to be in our final photobook, but experimented with and linked into our chosen narrative.

By the end of this module we are expected to:

  • Apply appropriate research skills and idea development required for a range of image productions
  • Demonstrate the necessary editorial skills when producing work to a set brief
  • Utilise a variety of lighting techniques in the realisation of their ideas
  • Apply appropriate pre-visualisation skills in order to creatively and technically answer specified briefs
  • Demonstrate good time-management skills when responding to deadlines

We will be assessed on:

  • Demonstrating your research into image production and assignment concept
  • Editting and sequencing of your work
  • Have you evidenced your se of different lighting techniques for different situations and for different intended outcomes?
  • Have you demonstrated your ability to control light for your intended outcomes above? Are you moving away from trial and error to mastery?
  • How have you used your time and self direction to work towards a professional submission? Have you completed the small set up tasks? Have you managed to produce dummies maquettes on the way to production?

To assist us with this brief and maybe even give us inspiration we have all been given a pack to start this project. My next blog post will be about the pack and what is in it.