Mid-term Review

On Friday 13th February, we had a mid-term review, this lasted most of the day and consisted of two parts, the first being us laying our work out, including our project proposals and blogs up, we then went round everyones work individually and left notes and thoughts on the work we were seeing. The feedback I received was all positive, my classmates liked my work and the images I was making. The things that were suggested were mainly things that I have already thought of, such as the use of quotes and portraits, and sound interviews. I have tried this and the people that I approached weren’t very cooperative, however having this feedback makes me want to try again and not give up, to begin with I am going to try without any sound recording equipment and just see if they will open up to me, if this doesn’t work again, I highly doubt that people are going to be willing to talk to me with sound equipment present. So although this may be helpful feedback and makes me want to do more and not give up, it is nothing new and what I haven’t thought of. I am however definitely going to experiment with sound, even if the most I can get is a bit of context noise, what I can hear around me, at least this will show that I can use the equipment well.

The second part of the day was us giving a short 10 minute presentation on our work, this also included and questions and further thoughts. Again this was a very positive experience for me and gave me a few things to think about as well. Presentation of my images has been on my mind for a while however I was told not to even think about this in depth until I had my final images. How can I know how to present something that might not exist yet? Although being told this I was also given some advice, I mentioned that I was unsure whether a book would be the way forward or not. Matt said that a book is an interesting way to make certain comments, edges, borders and other similar things are included within this. This is due to the way pages end, and how you have the freedom to lay out the images. If I do make a book I will have to consider where the images go on the pages very carefully as this will make a statement in itself.

From this day I am going to go through the images that I already have and start pairing these together and maybe making a series, I need to decide what I want my final piece to say and whether I already have the images to do this. If I don’t I need to plan a few more shoots and go from there. I am definitely going to return to Birmingham to see if I can get any of the sound to go with the images, although I am going to experiment with this, I am almost certain that I don’t want to create a video for my final piece, however this could provide an interesting twist to an exhibition and maybe an installation.