Urban Theory and Borders

From visiting and researching Chinatowns I have discovered that there is no easily defined border of any town or city, including Chinatowns. There is no imaginary line, and not on maps, as seen in my previous blog post. This applies to both Chinatowns and cities, towns and villages. It is very hard to define the border of a Chinatown and is down to what each individual person thinks. I personally defined it by when I started to notice certain features creep into the city. This could be architectural surroundings or certain colours (mainly green and red) which also run, very obviously through the Chinatown itself. Chinese Arcs were also a big sign that you had entered the Chinatown and is what many people think of as the border, however I don’t think this is true, I think signs of these communities are sneaking in just without people realising.