Iconic Images

After my previous post on Corinne Vionnet I searched for a few things on Flickr, including ‘London Chinatown arch’, ‘London Chinatown lion’ and ‘Newcastle Chinatown arch’. From the images that I found I merged them together in their categories to make these images. I played around with two different ways: changing the opacity and changing the blending option. This was something that I was probably never going to include in my final images. Although I think these are strong, the message they are giving is something completely different to what I want to give. Also I feel like this is just completely copying what Corinne Vionnet did in her series, I don’t think I have really brought anything new to it, other than maybe a new location. I don’t think this is something that could stand well alone, a series is definitely needed and probably in different locations to show that this is happening world wide. I’m glad I have experimented with this technique as I think it has produced some interesting images and certainly gives an interesting message and something to think about.