America in Passing- Henri Cartier-Bresson

Cartier-Bresson is well known for capturing memorable images of both people and places, this book was good for me to look at as this is what I am trying to do with Chinatowns and the people in it. By looking at his images I was able to get an idea of different things to try such as compositions and angles. This book contains images of Henri Cartier-Bressons different times in America, all just passing through and possibly experiencing the place for the first time. This is very much what I am going to be doing in the Chinatowns, only over a shorter period of time, as before this project I had never actually been to one. After looking at this book I started to have more ideas about how I wanted to present what I saw in the places I went, and how I wanted to shoot my series. It also helped me think about presentation of my final piece, and from looking at this book has given me an idea about sequencing and how to put it together.