People of Chinatowns

While I was last in London I concentrated a lot more about the people who were there, this included both Chinese people and tourists that visited. I tried to talk to people to get their opinions on Chinatowns and then wanted to take their picture. Few people were willing to talk to me and even fewer wanted their picture taken, at least not a straight portrait. Because of this I tried to get images as they were walking away/towards me. I am going to try approaching people without my camera in the future, I think this will make them feel less uncomfortable as they don’t think they have to have their picture taken. I am also going to try acting less formal, instead of instantly saying that I am a uni student studying photography doing a project on Chinatowns I am going to just be interested in Chinatowns and what they have to say. I think this way I should be able to get more stories from the people that I approach. I still want to try recording what they say, however, I think they will be even more reluctant to speak if I do this so I need to find a way around it.

Below are some of the stories that I was able to get from some of the people in the Chinatown:

‘I have recently moved to London, I don’t live in the Chinatown itself but love it here, there is the perfect mixture of culture and everything else. Girls love shopping, London is shopping paradise, who wouldn’t love it?’

‘I have lived here for many years, my shop is very important to me, it is my whole income, funded by locals and tourists as well. My special place is my shop, I am very proud to own it.’

‘This is the first time we have visited a Chinatown, I guess you could class us as tourists, the vibrant colours here draw us in and all the food smells amazing.’

‘It’s like a home away from home, it just feels right, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I have the best of both worlds here.’

‘I miss home, but this is the next best thing.’