China Between- Polly Braden

This book shows the images taken by Polly Braden over a decade, when we was taking these images she would simply get on a bike and not know where she would end up. This is similar to what I am doing wandering around the Chinatowns I am visiting, having never been there before I don’t know what I am going to come across, much like Braden. Polly wasn’t interested in the bigger picture of what China is today but what interests her, very much similar to me. I don’t want to capture the general tourist images that everyone is used to seeing but capture the things that have caught my eye and that I find interesting. I intend to continue to shoot with this thought in my mind and think of a refined project when I have come back and edited through the images I have shot. This will then enable me to return with a clearer picture in my head of what I want to achieve. This is also the only book that I have looked at with the same culture that I am photographing, this has helped me think a bit more about how to photography this different culture that I am not used to. Although the places are not exactly the same, they are very similar, as Chinatowns are mainly occupied by the Chinese people in England.