Lartigue’s Riviera

This book by Jaques Henri-Lartigue contains an essay inside it and pictures to accompany it, although this isn’t something that I am looking to do in my project I found it very interesting. After the first few pages where the essay is the main piece of information provided more and more pictures are shown, these describe the Riviera to us, somewhere he visited many times, this shows not only a documentation of the Riviera itself but an intimate record of his time there. Using an essay along side my work was never an option in this project, having a time limit where the project has to develop means that it would be hard to complete within this time, however this may be something I look into in the future. It also helps me understand how to use accompanying text with my images, the essay used only adds to the pictures giving the audience the information they need. As you carry on looking through the book, once the essay has finished, you see that next to some of the images are quotes which relate to them, this is something that I have been looking into for my project, so helped me a lot to actually see a book with it in. It helped me think about how I would lay this out if I was to do this for a final piece. Looking through this book also helped me a lot when thinking about presentation. For my final piece I am probably going to create a photo book, so by looking through one and how the images are laid out has been a great help.