Group Tutorial- Paul Smith

After having the tutorial with Paul we talked a lot more about how to get first hand information, for example by talking to people. I have tried to talk to people within the Chinatowns I have been to, so far not having been as successful as I had wanted. Both Paul and Matt have suggested different approaches which might work better. I am going to try going into the shops and approaching people without my camera and just being interested in their lifestyle and the community, this may make them more comfortable as it is a less formal way of approaching them. Also I am going to try emailing the admins for Chinatowns. They all have email addresses that you can email with any enquires, by emailing all of these I am hoping to at least get a couple of replies to help me with my research. I am also going to look into talking with the Chinese society within uni, this will help as they will hopefully be more willing to talk to me and help me with my project.