Returning to London

After reviewing my initial shoots I returned to London this week, I went back with the intention to focus on more specific things, one of these being talking to some of the locals. I ran into a few problems with this as I found that not many people wanted to talk to me, I got a few stories, but they didn’t want their picture take, at least not as a straight portrait. I decided that in the future I need a different approach, and to maybe approach people without my camera and a more casual way of talking to them, just being interested and wanting to hear about their life rather than seeming like all I’m interested in is the pictures that I want to get. Later in the week when I return to Birmingham I am going to try this.

When this didn’t go as successful I was determined not to waste the day with an idea that didn’t seem to be working, I moved on to look for different focus points such as what differences I could spot around London to what I had previously seen in Liverpool and Birmingham. The main things I spotted was there being Chinese writing on some of the brands such as Paddy Power, Betfred and HSBC, this shows that the culture in London is much larger, as is the Chinatown itself. Also there were more piles of rubbish just around the streets from the shops, this again could be due to the large size of the town. Below are the contact sheets from this shoot and a few of the images which i have selected.

ContactSheet-001 ContactSheet-002 ContactSheet-003 ContactSheet-004 ContactSheet-005 ContactSheet-006 ContactSheet-007 ContactSheet-008 ContactSheet-009