Liverpool Chinatown- Initial Shoot

I went to Liverpool Chinatown to continue my initial images, I was still wanting to just get a feel for what a Chinatown and the life there is like. I was planning on talking to some of the locals around this area, in and outside the shops. However this china town was a lot smaller than the other two I had visited and a lot of the shops were closed, so finding people to talk to was hard. I decided to save this when there was more people to talk to, I am going back to London on Monday so will be overcoming my fear and talking to and taking pictures of people I don’t know there! I was still able to get some god pictures while visiting Liverpool and it also gave me more ideas on how I could make my project more specific and about one thing. The main one would be a comparison of the Chinatowns I have visited. I noticed that Liverpool was a lot quieter, there were less people around, whether this was to do with tourists or locals I’m not sure but this is definitely something that I can look into. As well as this I think it was interesting to see how early on you could tell you were heading towards Chinatown. There are the tell tale signs such as an increase in Chinese restaurants around, but when in Liverpool I noticed a lot more of the traditional colours: green and red, these were appearing a lot more often the closer on things such as lampposts and apartment blocks.

Liverpool 3 Liverpool 2 Liverpool 1