Jeffrey Stockbridge- Kensignton Blues

Kensington Blues is a portrait project of the people living along Kensington Avenue in North Philadelphia. Kensington used to be a national leader for then textile industry, in the 20th century there was a sharp economic decline leading to high unemployability and significant population reduction. Today this Avenue is infamous for drug abuse and population, this has become a social norm. When Stockbridge was photographing these people he wanted to understand the people and really know what they are about, he didn’t want to just be taking images from an outsiders point of view. He interviewed and spoke to the people he was photographing, these sound recordings can be found with the images when being shown. This is something that I want to look into for my project. By listening and understanding what Stockbridge has done I can start to think of what I can ask the people that I want to talk to, also the photographs themselves will help me when trying to think of the composition of the photographs that I take. I have never approached a stranger and asked them if I can take a photo of them so this is a very scary thought for me. However by looking at photographers that have have done this it helps me with ways to approach them. Much like Stockbridge’s goal I want people to be able to relate to the people that I have photographed. Chinatowns may be a very misunderstood place much like Kensington Avenue, I want people to feel like I have become part of the community and that I’m not just an outsider. This is what I feel my test shoots come across like so by talking to the public and people around I think I can understand the community a bit more.