Anders Petersen- Cafe Lehmitz

Anders Petersen’s series ‘Cafe Lehmitz’ is about showing what it is like in a cafe/meeting place in Germany. Cafe Lehmitz was open 24 hours and attracted many different types of people from prostitutes and pimps to dockers and poets, the cafe itself being the one thing that they all had in common. Petersen has captured the life that was lived within Cafe Lehmitz which reflect the people who went there. This is something that I want to do in my project. I don’t want to just capture Chinatowns like many tourists would, i want t really be in there and capture the lives of the people there too. To do this I think I am going to have to talk to the people within the community and get to know a bit about them. The portraits within this series are very personal and Petersen has really managed to capture the essence of the subject. When taking portraits within Chinatown I don’t want to just achieve passport like photos, photos that show identity, I want to try and capture the true person and what they are like. I will also capture pictures which are straight faced and ver formal to see which would work best, but I think that is a much easier thing to do and the real challenge will be the other side of things.