Refining my idea

After speaking to Matt and researching some more photographers work I have a few new things to try to make my idea more interesting and more specific than just looking at Chinatowns as a whole. As I am going to three Chinatowns: Liverpool, London and Birmingham, I want to look more deeply and see if I can notice any subtle differences between them and what they are. Are there any influences from the city that they are in. Having already been to London and Birmingham I already know that these differences are going to be subtle as there isn’t anything that has massively stood out yet however I’m sure that now I am looking for these differences I will be able to spot a few and document them. I think this would be an interesting approach to my theme as Chinatowns are all seen the same and aren’t imagined to have many or any differences, by seeing if the city its located in has influenced the Chinatown I will be able to get the people viewing my work to think of them in a different way. As well as this I want to research into any misunderstandings of Chinatowns, they have their own perception and are very stereotyped places, if they have been misinterpreted I want to be able to document this.

I also want to go into some of the shops and other things that I see in the Chinatowns instead of just looking from an outsiders view. I want to talk to the people in their and find out their opinion, I am going to experiment with two different ways of presenting this, one with a sound recording over my images and one with a portrait of the person and a quote, next to a place that they mentioned or that is special to them. I am not sure about using sound recordings within my work, this is something that I have never done so am definitely going to give it a go, however I’m not really sure if I like this technique. I think it may be a little bit too distracting from my images, leaving the audience mainly¬†concentrating on what is said, however if I use a quote that can take their time and look at both at their own pace. With using a sound recording I will also have to experiment with making a video and the timings of things, again something I have never done. I am looking forward to taking this challenge on and seeing if I can make it work!