Mark Power- The City of 6 Towns

Mark Power was asked to make a visual study of Stoke on Trent, to relate to what stories, landscapes and people he found there. This is very similar to what I will be doing at the Chinatowns for my project, I want to capture the sense of community there and document what its like to live or go there. By looking at this series it gives me an idea how other photographers have gone around this task, capturing a community as a whole is a very broad subject so doing it well with images that are different yet all fit in together is quite a challenge. So far when I have photographed London and Birmingham I haven’t really photographed the people there, at least not when they know about it, this will be a challenge for me as going up to someone and asking if you can take their picture is pretty nerve wracking! I also think that the colours used in this shoot represent the city well. This is something I nee to consider when editing my image, in my eyes Chinatowns are very vibrant with bright colours everywhere, so this needs to be shown and represented within my work.