London Chinatown- Initial Images

As I had never been to a Chinatown I thought the best way to start my project was to hop on a train and go! I visited London to get a feel and to try and understand the community of Chinatowns. When there I took some initial images, some of which are below. This helped my develop my project a bit further and decide more on what I wanted to photograph. I’m still focusing on the community but I decided instead of just photographing everything from outside I need to go inside the shops, restaurants and other things there and talk to the people inside and photograph the insides as well. I am going to experiment with taking portraits of the people there and using quotes or sound recordings to support these images.

Overall I am happy with my first shoot, I think I have managed to get some interesting images, some that may even be used in my final piece. To take this further I am going to look more into making a series of photos, something more interesting than just the architecture and outsides of buildings, something with more meaning, what the people who are actually living here think. I want the people who go there everyday to inspire me and be part of my project, that is what the true community is all about, I think I have captured well the differences between a Chinatown and other places in the UK, but need to go deeper into the community to achieve what I want to. Within my images I think that I have achieved some good pictures with interesting perspectives and angles, I also think that the vibrant colours within these images are a strong point. However I think it would be interesting to experiment with black and white images, to see if I can still get across what I want to.

london1 london2 london 6 london 5 london 4 london 3