Trent Parke- Minutes to midnight

Trent Parkes book ‘minutes to midnight was was taken on a road trip around Australia, during this journey he cover 90,000 km and documented his time here and what he found. When producing my work in the China towns that I visit I plan to document my time here, I have never been to an area like this so should be able to be unbiased in my views and produce a well documented series of images of what I see whilst I am there. Parkes images are not a record of the physical landscape but the emotions that are present, this is what I want to do within my project as it is the culture that I am trying to capture and not the landscape.As well as tradition documentary techniques that Parke has used within these images he has also captured a visual narrative within them, with a mix of nostalgia, romanticism and realism. I’m not sure if or how I will include this within my images yet, I need to see the areas I’m shooting at first before I can really think any further about this, however, I do know that what I want to capture is the community and the culture, therefore using techniques to create a narrative may take away from this and disguise the truth, this is something that I want to avoid.

All of Parkes images in this book are in black and white. This works well within this series as it adds to the narrative and enhances what he is capturing. When editing my images I will experiment with both black and white and colour images. The areas that I am going to photograph have very vibrant colours, therefore the images will probably look better in colour to capture the buzz this creates, these colours are also a big part of the culture so by removing them I may also be removing what I want to portray. However by using back and white I may take away some of the distractions they can cause. This would allow the audience to fully focus on what I want them too: the community and culture.

Another technique that Trent Parke has used is long exposure, something that I haven’t often experimented with, but want to more within this project. This captures the movement within the community well another thing which will influence how the audience will see the community.