Steve McCurry- Power of place

‘Geography holds billions of people in its grip. We are all born into natural and cultural environments that shape what we become, individually and collectively.’

This project by Steve McCurry relates very well to the project that I am going to do, it records important places and suggests how they shape the people who live in and around those areas. This links well as the people who are living in Chinatowns may have moved there from China itself, or anywhere else seeking their cultural backgrounds.

All of the images in this series have very vibrant colour, this makes certain parts of the image stand out well, maybe even enhancing the culture of the place. This is something I am going to experiment with when shooting for this project. McCurry has a very wide range of compositions within this series, this is definitely something to experiment with as it keeps the audience interested and wondering what is coming next.

I like the fact that McCurry puts a lot of focus on the place as I believe that will be one of the main reasons that people go to China town.

Below are a few of Steve McCurrys images: