David Munns- Food photography

David Munns is mainly a food photographer, his work interests me because of how he lays it out. All of the images have more than one image included, this shows what ingredients is in the food making the image more interesting than it originally may have been. The photographs are all vibrant in colour, representing well what the food looks like, as well as this the backgrounds of the images are all different, it could be where they are prepared or even as it is being prepared. This keeps the audience interested and wanting to see more as they aren’t the standard studio shots, with the plain white background, they are something else, an authenticity to keep them more interested.

When taking the pictures for my project I may not have as much control over the food as I am not preparing it myself. This is also not a main aspect of what I am looking at, however it does play an important role. Although the majority of my images won’t actually be of food in this situation but mainly just of food within the shot and background, when I do shoot the food as the main subject I want it to be interesting and still fit in with my project. Chinatowns are very vibrant places so using this technique the images will still fit in with the rest of my images. I also plan to shoot the photos in the places that the food is found, most probably restaurants or stalls on the street. This will give my images an authenticity to the Chinatowns.

Below are some examples of David Munns work: