Assessment 1

For assessment one we need to create a body of work on one of the six given subject titles, these are:

  • Ageing population
  • International cultures in the UK
  • Agriculture
  • Rural life
  • City regeneration
  • Ownership and property

When initially looking at these I was stumped, and really didn’t have a clue which direction that I was going to go in. I started thinking about the avenues I could follow. I was most interested by international cultures in the UK so started to make a list of things that i could do within this topic. This is what I came up with…

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 12.55.24

Looking at this list further I decided that my biggest interests out of these things were food and communities (China towns). When thinking about food, my avenues are limited, I want to try and look at the differences between international supermarkets, such as lidls being german, sainsbury’s being english and asian food markets. Within this I can also look at little food stalls that are within Coventry, I experiment with both portraits and landscapes/still life. For the portraits I think it would be interesting to see if the people working and running the stalls are the same culture as the food they are selling.

I decided that the route I was probably going to go down was exploring Chinatowns. I will definitely be able to visit 2: London and Birmingham, however there are others in the UK in Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester. With this idea I am more researching and photographing the community that the international have made within our community in the UK. I think this will be interesting as it is a new experience to me having never been to an area like this. Here are a few areas that I am going to look at:

  • Traditions
  • Communities
  • Culture
  • Forced, constructed, not natural… IDENTITY
  • Symbolism
  • Food
  • Migration, immigration, asylum
  • New experience
  • Stereotypes
  • Identity portraits

I will look at several photographers to provide inspiration, these will also be posted on my blog. To start this project off I am going to London to get some initial images, after I have done this I will review then and see if I think this idea works or not.