What more would I do?

If I had more time and money I would expand on this project a lot more. I would increase the size of the book and include more location for a start. I was unable to do this due to assignment brief restriction of 10 photographic pieces. I would also look more into book binding, try out different ones and find the perfect way to bind my book. As well as this I would think more into the front cover of my book, although this is important for the assignment it really is an after thought and definitely not a main factor. This won’t gain me any marks but will just enhance the look of my final piece. The main thing is the sequence of images and how I have presented them. In an ideal world my cover would be presented a lot better, it would be simple yet effective, I haven’t thought too much into how I wanted to do this as I knew it wouldn’t be possible with the time restriction on this project. It was much more important that all the prints were consistent and strong.


Over all I am very happy with how my final piece has turned out. I think that I have chosen a suitable presentation method for my project which shows off my images in a good light. The images flow well as a sequence and have a significant meaning. I think that the research that I have conducted has definitely inspired me and interested me more into my project. From doing this project I think I have further developed my photography skills in many ways, this includes simply the way I look at scenes and what I decide to shoot to improving my work in the darkroom to get consistent prints every time. I think I have answered the brief well and that my theme certainly fits into ‘encountering cultures’. This phrase originally had be stumped and quite frankly worried about the project, however with research and development I have managed to produce this project. I think my final piece is professionally made, I had the option to just label which page was which, however i decided to actually make the book which was a lot more time consuming, I’m really glad I did decide to make the book as this enables the audience to get a really good idea of what the project would look like if I had more time to complete it. I really like the way the project has turned out and I am going to develop it further in my own time hopefully producing a second edition of my book.


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