Book Binding

For my final piece I knew I wanted to make a book of my prints. Matt gave me the option to just leave the pages lose and show where they would be however I want to try and make a physical book. I tried 2 types of binding:

Japanese Stab Binding:

This is the type of binding that Matt suggested that I tried for my book, I found a tutorial online and tried this out. I liked this binding and it was easy and simple to do, however, due to the type of binding you are unable to fully open the pages of the book. This wouldn’t of been an issue, but for the size I wanted the book to be, as it wouldn’t open fully, the prints wouldn’t fit nicely in it. To make everything fit and look right the book would of had to be more square, something that I didn’t want as it would make the prints look off centre.


I then started researching further into binding to try and find an alternative.

Coptic Stitch Binding:

This is the type of binding I found. This is a lot more time-consuming and a bit harder to do, it requires more concentration, however this works much better for what I want.  The type of binding allows you to fully open the page and the book out completely flat. This enables me to have the book exactly what size I want it to be and can stick the pictures in without worrying about any shadows that may be caused by the binding or any fold overs. This is the type of binding that I have used for my final piece, it is neat and simple, therefore not distracting from the work itself. I think this works really well and if I was to make another book for a different project I would definitely consider using this type of binding.