Paul Gaffney

Today Paul Gaffney came in as a guest lecturer, he spoke about how he got into photography and his projects in depth too, particularly ‘We Make the Path by Walking’ (2012). He spoke about how when he was making this project he was still in university himself, his tutors were unsure about his idea and thought process but he continued and went to Spain anyway to start shooting, he returned every now and then for feedbacks and proved to his tutors that this was a good project, this shows that if you believe in a project, even though peers or tutors don’t you can still make it work and produce publishable work.  When Gaffney was researching this idea, he found out that many similar projects had been done in this destination, however he decided that his project was different as it wasn’t about the destination but the journey. This project is left open and is therefore open to interpretation by all the viewers, this also allowed the audience to have their own experience when looking at the book.

Gaffney, P. Paul Gaffney Photography [online]. Available at [25 November 2014]