Paul Gaffney Tutorial

After the Paul Gaffney spoke about his work we had the opportunity to have a one on one tutorial with him about our work. I wanted to talk to him about photo books and how to go about ordering and sequencing the images within the book. I went through the images that me and Matt had selected and we started to talk through which would work well as pairs and where we might place the photos within the book. This really helped me as I was able to get a professionals view, also as Gaffney has made several successful books this was a good experience and I learnt about the process that he goes through when selecting his final images. From this tutorial I have found it a lot easier to select what photos I want to be in my book and which ones aren’t as strong and therefore not quite making the cut. Talking to Paul was a great experience and I am going to keep in touch with him to let him know the progress of my work.