Final Images

In the gallery below are the images that me and Matt selected from all of my contact sheets, but didn’t quite make the final piece of the book. This may be for various reasons such as: the image didn’t fit in the book and flowed as well as some of the others, the image wasn’t as strong as the others once I printed a wider selection, there was a similar image that was stronger or simply because there wasn’t enough room. If I was able to create a larger final piece some of these images may have been included.

Below is a gallery of the images that I have chosen to put in my final piece, the book. I think these images work well together and the book flows well in the order that I have put them in. I think this provides a story and a journey. We decided that the smaller size of image works best and has a greater impact than printing them big. I think it will make the book more intimate as the audience will have to pick the book up and look closely. Also I think that my subject matter is clear and the audience will be able to get some idea of what my project is about, I will however be providing some information for the audience to have a better understanding of why I have done the project and the research that has gone into it.

To make sure these images were correctly exposed in the darkroom I made sure I did test strips for them. This is a smaller piece of darkroom paper exposed in two second strips, by looking at this when it is developed you are able to count down to which time frame is the best exposure, this may take a couple of attempts to get it perfect, but it makes it a lot easier and avoids a lot of guessing work. Below is a couple examples of the test strips that I created.

Scan 1 Scan 2 Scan