The Edge- Where have I been taking photos?

When I first thought of my project brief I really didn’t know where to start! I am fairly new to Coventry and the surrounding areas so had no idea where I could find the countryside. I am also fairly restricted as I don’t have a car to easily get from place to place so am limited to things in walking distance or places I could get the train or bus to. I thought about changing my whole project because of this, trying to make things a bit easier for myself, however I didn’t think any of my ideas were as strong as this.  Below is a mapped version of where I went to take pictures, 5 park areas and 2 countryside areas. I may not use all of these in my final image but they all represent the same thing- the edge. Originally I thought about comparing the two (countryside and park), however I think the project is stronger when just concentration on the one thing, this is also reflected in the fact that we can only provide 10 photographic pieces as our final piece. By looking at the maps I found a few things interesting, for example, why are some of the parks not classed as a green areas or parks. This could be for many reasons, maybe they aren’t big enough, or are new? By mapping the areas I have been to you are definitely able to see which areas are parks in the city and which are in the countryside, you can tell this by the density of roads around the place. It is an option to include these in my final piece, although I don’t think this will enhance my images in anyway so don’t think I will. This could help with trying to find some kind of order to my photos though. I could arrange them by geographically placing them or by putting them in the order that I visited them. Alternatively I could place them in distance order from my flat. These are all things that I need to consider when making my book. Finally I could just place one big map of coventry either in the from or back and highlight where I went during the project. Overall I think looking at the maps has definitely helped and inspired my project.