The Edge- Contact Sheets

These are the contact sheets made from the film shoots that I have done for this project. I went to several different areas to do this: Allesley, Coombe Abbey and several parks around Coventry. Finding ‘the edge’ in the country side (Allesley and Coombe Abbey) was a lot easier than I originally thought it would be, the nature around it was less controlled however it was pretty similar to what I found at the parks I went to. For example there were still fences and gates to around these areas. In both parks and the countryside you could go inside the gates, with public footpaths or just as a public place, this made it easy to take all the pictures that I wanted to. I am using some of these images for my final piece, I’m not sure how many yet, I’m creating a book so this will include single images on pages and diptychs and maybe even triptychs. Initially I am going to print these and try and figure out some kind of order or series, once I have done this I can think about reprinting any that I want and also the size which I want to print them. I think these shoots have worked well and have definitely captured what I wanted too. If these images were in a book it is clear that you were looking at the edge of something, by going through the images it is probably understandable that it is the countryside too. I will however have to give the audience some extra information so they understand the depth of my knowledge and research and why I wanted to create these images. Scan 1 Scan 2

Scan 4 Scan