Initial Prints- The Edge

These are the images that I initially printed from my contact sheets. I’m not going to use all of these for my final images as I think there are some more interesting images that work better as a series and flow from image to image well. I spoke to Matt after printing these and we selected about 25 images that we thought were interesting, Although the brief states that we have to create 10 photographic pieces I could use all of these, as I am making a book this gives me a wider range of ways I can lay these out. The 10 photographic pieces are going to be the 10 pages within my book. Me and Matt also discussed the size of my images. These prints are close to the size of the paper, 10×8, however we both agreed that the images would probably work better smaller and create more of an intriguing series. I am going to print the 25 images that we selected at a smaller size and then try and make a series out of them, I may discard some of these or keep them all.