Final image selection

Today i developed my final lot of film for this project, I then sat down and spoke to Matt about how I wanted to present these and what to about selecting my final photos. We went through and picked 25 strong images that would work well within a series. When doing this I was thinking of what might work well as diptychs and triptychs. I am going to print these as if they are my final images and have made a template of the size the book I’m going to make is going to be so I know these will all fit in. I will then play around with pairs of images and the order of the book/pages, this will help me as I will have a physical thing to actually play about with and easily change to get the perfect order for what I want. I will then reprint any images that I want to be a different size however I will use some of these as final prints so I must make sure that I am using the same settings for every photo.