Assignment 1 feedback

After having a tutorial with Matt I was able to reflect further on my progress of my assignment. We both agreed that the idea of ‘the edge’ was working a lot better than a comparison of a whole, this is because it is a more focused area, maybe with more meaning.

After this tutorial I have decided to take this a step further and to try and define the edge of natural countrysides. I am going to travel to Allesley and take images there to see if any similarities of differences occur. I think that the edge of the natural countryside will be a lot more subtle and harder to spot, however this is something I need to look into further.

As the style of my images goes so far, I need to narrow it down to one type of photography for my final piece, this will give my work more consistency, I decided that I liked the images with more detail better, I think this is because it is focused on one particular thing, when you first look at the photographs it may be hard to see what is trying to be portrayed however, when you look at a few in a series you can see a running theme of the edge of something, it may not be entirely clear what though. However to also include images of a wider scale I could present my work in pairs of images, these could be of the same place but one up close and one further out so you can see the wider picture.

To make my idea/theme clearer I need to consider what the audience already know and what they need to know about my project to give it further meaning. For example I could write a few sentences at the beginning of the series to give them an understanding of what I have found out. Alternatively I could title each separate image, whether this would be the name of the park or something more either would help the audience understand further.

At the moment I am unsure of how I am going to present my project, this could be done in several ways, such as in a book, photo box, framed, mounted or many other ways. When thinking about this I have to make sure that my presentation style isn’t seen as gimmicky as some photographers risk doing this when presenting there photos. I have had a few thoughts of how I could present my work, however I am not set on a final decision as I want to let my work speak for itself, when I have decided on my final images I am hoping that it is a little easier to decide on how to present it. The ideas I have had so far include, pairs of images, maybe one from a park and one from the countryside, and framing the images, this frame may also act as an edge. For further ideas on presentation see the ‘considering presentation’ blog post.

Overall I think my project is going well so far, I think the images that I am making fit well into the theme and brief that has been set and the research that I have done towards my idea have definitely influenced me further and made me understand why these areas may be there. To finish this project I have to do a few more shoots to get my final images and then decide how to lay this out. My idea is definitely strong and I hope the way I present it reflects that and enhances the project as much as possible.